Saving Money on Newborn and Baby Clothes: Three Ways to Get the Best Deals Online 

Raising a child is not easy. If you have to deal with the expenses head on, you can expect to spend $222,360 from birth to age 18 (NY Times, 2010). We’re all aware these numbers have increased since the last recession and it may get worse before your little one is here. Plan Early for […]

Stop the Extra Spending: Two Reasons Eating at Home is Going to Save You Money 

Everyone knows it’s easier to cook at home, when you know how to cook. Others are learning the basics of using home cooked meals as a way to beef up their savings accounts, emergency funds and general finances. Consider the following example: After spending about $20 on random dinner items at Chili’s for a single […]

E-commerce performance over Christmas 

Smartphone users and computer lovers flocked online to make purchases during Christmas in 2011. According to IBM’s Coremetrics Benchmark for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile sales were up to 10.8 percent compared to 3.6 percent in 2010. Although these numbers show an edgy increase, IBM’s report notes the growing trend of e-commerce taking its […]