Money Saving Deals – Three Smartphone Ideas to Boost Savings for Shopping Trips

smartphonesMobile apps and consumer sites are connecting the e-commerce capabilities by offering buyers an opportunity to view stock, locate stores and save items to online shopping carts. Experts note this as a great opportunity to plan shopping trips to save money in gas.

Look for Mobile Alerts from Favorite Stores

Companies like Murphy USA sends text messages to registered users to receive discounts when buyers are in a certain location. These daily deals and geo-specific marketing efforts are increasing consumer spending for local deals without leaving their cars. If you need to save money on gas, consider signing up with gas companies you use on a daily basis to earn benefits on the road.

Use the Smartphone Wisely

According to eMarketer’s report, mobile users are spending less money on their phones because of the limited access available from stores (2011). Smartphone purchases were up by 10.8 percent Christmas Day 2011 since December 2010, but the investment in mobile e-commerce sites remain modest for companies.

Consumers are changing the way businesses handle mobile opportunities; m-commerce is on its way to evolving its mobile platform to allow purchases. Once these capabilities are in place, your smartphone will become a coupon cash cow sitting in your pocket.

Mobile Apps Enhance Shopping Experiences

If you own a smartphone, download a QR code reader to access information on products you want to buy. Starbucks are using the QR codes as instant access to coupons for customers while they are shopping. Now, you can take advantage of this by using your smartphone to click, see and redeem discounts while in stores.

The changes in the m-commerce space allows consumers to have control over their spending behaviors. New and improved mobile apps and websites enable buyers to access their favorite stores to make purchases on the road. Now, buyers have an opportunity to track spending and make better shopping choices without clipping coupons.

E-commerce performance over Christmas

Christmas 2011 performanceSmartphone users and computer lovers flocked online to make purchases during Christmas in 2011. According to IBM’s Coremetrics Benchmark for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile sales were up to 10.8 percent compared to 3.6 percent in 2010.

Although these numbers show an edgy increase, IBM’s report notes the growing trend of e-commerce taking its place in the retail industry, as more customers find it easier to make purchases at home instead of spending extra money traveling to in-store deals.

Cyber Monday was the beginning for mobile bargain hunters who visited their favorite sites for lower prices. Orders were placed with large retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Apple that increased mobile web traffic by 200%. An increase in consumer spending is also a sign shoppers have extra money to spend online – from $193.24 per person in 2010 to $198.26 per person.

According to IBM’s Coremetrics Report, buyers found it relatively easy to buy themselves gifts during the holidays because of free shipping, clearance prices and ease of mobile e-commerce sites. According to IBM’s study, more customers plan on using their mobile phones to buy gifts instead of using their computers. If this trend keeps building, what will Santa Claus have to do on the holidays?