Does Walmart Double Coupons?

Does Walmart Double Coupons?According to the official Walmart Coupon Policy, they do not accept “Double- or triple-value coupons”, so that should be the answer for “Does Walmart Double Coupons?” shouldn’t it?  Well, maybe not.  They may not double coupons, but they will do a price match for that item.  They also ran a pilot coupon doubling scheme in selected local stores in 2011, someone has even set up a petition which you can sign to try and bring this policy to all of it’s stores – so why not sign it and it may happen?  Also, Walmart have regional variations in their stores and some The Coupon King clippers have reported that their local Walmart store does accept double coupons (hoorah), but only up to a value of 99 cents (hooroo) – this has been reported in Utah and Orlando, so if you live in these areas, give it a go!

If you’re confused by this coupon doubling malarky, well, it usually means that a store is running a promotion which “doubles” the value of existing coupons, i.e if you had a 10% off coupon – then you would in fact get 20% off.  Good eh?  These double promotions are usually time limited due to them being very popular, i.e only on a certain weekday (like Thursdays only), or on a special day (Valentines Day for instance).  So if you spot a double promotion, then make sure you mark it down in your calendar.  The usual reason for a store to offer a double coupon promotion on a certain day is to boost sales on a historically slow time of day (i.e. a Monday afternoon).

So the answer to “Does Walmart Double Coupons?” is a almost firm “No” I’m afraid guys, but it does seem that there is hope, so don’t give up just yet.  Check out our current Walmart coupons to see if you can get a non-doubled bargain and try to supress that disappointment!

If anyone has any comments on this, i.e. if you have successfully doubled at Walmart or not, then comment below and spread the word.

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